Love beer? Have double X chromosomes? Then join a room full of estrogen and beer at the first New York City Women in Beer event on Monday, February 27th! It’s difficult enough for some to take our craft beer guzzling ways seriously, so let’s get together with like-minded individuals. The event will take place at Taproom 307 (you remember that awesome little joint, right?). The event is meant to be a way to not only network with other women in the beer industry, but to socialize with some chicks who appreciate a good beer. All women who work or are involved in the industry are encouraged to attend, including: bar & restaurant staff, beer store & homebrew store staff, brewery staff, distributors & importers, writers & bloggers, PR & marketing professionals, and event planners. But I’m sure no one will look down upon you if you just want to support our cause.

The event is free but it is asked that you RSVP. Feel free to stop by any time between 6:30-8:30pm that evening and grab a draft for only $5. For more information and to reserve a spot, click here.


Barcade, BrooklynI’ve been dying to go to Barcade for months. Living 10 minutes from the L train and less than 15 minutes from Willamsburg certainly has its perks. Oh the possibilities for nightly shenanigans in hipster-ville! If the name of the bar itself wasn’t a dead giveaway, Barcade is a kick ass beer bar chock full of old-school arcade games. There are more video games than seats and that’s okay with me so long as there is a free machine.

Despite there being plenty of geeks, the majority of people were fairly normal and surprisingly enough, there really weren’t any hipsters. They just haven’t taken over the world of games…yet. But considering these are classic games, they just might. Although I would have gotten my ass out to this bar eventually, what really lured my friends and I was the special event hosted by Sixpoint Brewery. Sixpoint was kind enough to bring over plenty of their special brews and oh how amazing they were! After Saturday night, Sixpoint may have just jumped into the number one seat on my favorite list.

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Black Sheep AleI have this terrible habit of drinking a beer, taking notes on it, but not actually writing a review until several weeks later. I’m pretty sure I had this beer at least two months ago. Fail. But I trust in my drunkenly typed up Post-its. I do know for certain that I did like this beer, very much so! Black Sheep Ale is an English Pale ale with 4.4% ABV.

Appearance: Straw yellow/golden; very thick white head and little to no carbonation.

Smell: Fruity and sweet with slight hops and malt.

Taste: Light in flavor, not overpowering at all. There is a slight taste of burnt coffee and bitterness on the finish. But it’s the tasty bitterness of coffee as opposed to hops. Black Sheep Ale is not hoppy in the least.

Mouthfeel: Light to medium mouthfeel; little carnbonation; very smooth and clean finish.

Drinkibility: Incredibly easy to drink and the perfect choice when not in the mood for a heavy beer. Can’t taste the alcohol and not very strong at all. Overall it fits the profile of a pale ale. Just writing about it makes me want another one. Le sigh.

Overall Rating: B

Yeah we all remember that annoyingly catchy song from way back in the day. But did you know these three brothers are still around, like actually making music? They have 8 studio albums and believe it or not, they’re married! I guess they were all boys after all…But onto the semi interesting bit of news. They made a beer. It’s called MMMhop…*insert laugh here* Oh and it’s an IPA. That’s about the extent of that exciting news. The band apparently wants to create a brand for themselves. *read as selling out* Drummer Zac Hanson told reporters, “We of course make records, they are fundamental to what we do, but we wanted to create a brand so that our fans have a greater experience.”

If their music and bad haircuts are any indication about the quality of the beer, we’re all in for a real treat! Yeah that was sarcasm.

Peculier Pub NYCThis past weekend I ventured to my new favorite bar Peculier Pub. Located in a mecca of bars down on Bleecker, the safe haven for twenty-something-year-olds and college students, rests Peculier Pub. It’s up for some steep competition with The Bitter End next door and the allure of the pirate bar Wicked Willy’s. But how could either really compete with a bar boasting over 300 beers? Yeah that menu was a good 4-5 pages long of beer alone, plus another few dedicated for mixed drinks, beer cocktails, and food.

Do I even need to divulge into this epic beer menu of epicness? Let’s! You’ve got your classics from Belgium like Chimay and Saison Dupont, Samuel Smiths from England, and plenty of Hefeweizens from Germany. The U.S. beers are broken down by state and it’s everything you would expect like Harpoon, Rogue, and Southampton. But we have some beer from Hawaii like Fire Rock, Lobster Red Ale from Maine, and Voodoo Vator from Michigan. Did you ever think you’d have beer from Vietnam or Korea? Well now you can. Along with beer from Latvia, Peru, Israel, Turkey, and New Zealand. I could literally go to this bar every week and always try something new –I think I’m up for that challenge.

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Greetings beloved readers! I know it’s been a ridiculously long time since I’ve made a post and I sincerely apologize. I literally spent the entire month of October searching for an apartment with my two friends. After nearly three weeks of searching, we landed a delightful place in Ridgewood, Queens. I then spent the remainder of the month packing up my entire life. Who would have thought a person could own so much crap in just one room?

It was an extremely stressful time and I’m glad it’s over. I’m about 80% unpacked. Every night has been exhausting as I slowly unpack my life, not to mention the stress and anxiety of so much change. I’ve never been on my own before. It’s been quite an experience so far. Sadly, I haven’t had much new beer. But do not fret! I am literally 15 minutes from Williamsburg and 20 minutes from Manhattan. You know what that means? Easy access to your mom! I mean…to awesome craft beer bars in the city. The major downside? Bye bye local beer distributor. I’m on the hunt for a new one.

Despite my life seeming briefly upside down, things will soon calm down and I’ll be drinking to my heart’s content. Stay tuned for more great posts because I promise they will be more consistent. Cheers beer lovers!

Framboise LambicAs much as I’d hate to admit it, if you want to change a girl’s mind about beer, Lindemans Framboise Lambic is probably the beer to do it. In my opinion, it’s much less a beer and more a fruit juice in a fancy bottle with the slightest tinge of alcohol added to it. It’s also a beer that is often astronomically overpriced at any bar. Maybe because it’s considered a mighty gift from the Belgians or because it seems more like wine than beer? Either way, you’re in for fruit overload. I hope you like raspberries.

Appearance: Red/dark pink with a pink head; very cloudy; not too much carbonation. (Men can tell others it’s wine if they feel ashamed for drinking a fruit beer.)

Smell: Framboise smells 100% like raspberries and nothing else.

Taste: I find it difficult to accept that Framboise is actually a beer. It resembles sparkling wine; it’s extremely fruity and there is no bitterness whatsoever, as well as no malt. There is a nice tart flavor of raspberries. The beer is only 3% alcohol and you cannot taste nor feel the alcohol at all. I’d imagine you have to chug a dozen in a row before feeling anything.

Mouthfeel: Medium body with little carbonation and smooth finish.

Drinkability: No surprise that it’s easy to drink, unless you have a hard time swallowing fruit juice. If you’re not a beer drinker but want to feel accepted at a beer bar, order a Framboise.

Overall Rating: B only because it’s completely unexpected and not what you would imagine beer to be like.